How long does it take to get totally wet?

My teammate Tris estimates 3.2 seconds. After yesterday, that seems about right to me.

We cyclists like to think we can control the weather: bring the fender if you want to keep the rain away. Definitely don’t wash your bike the day before. I always feel satisfied when I’ve ‘cheated’ the rain and get a dry ride in before the skies open up, or watch the radar and figure how to ride around the isolated patches of rain we often have.

But sometimes the weather wins. Yesterday I knew it was questionable, but I figured I had at least 30 -45 minutes. I would stay close to home so if it started to rain I would just ride back before it really started to come down. Just 3 miles down the road, it started to sprinkle. I turned back, and was in the neighborhood, only a few minutes from home, when it started to come down in sheets.

In 3.2 seconds I was completely soaked — soggy shoes, soggy bike, wet cell phone in my pocket. I rode down the street swearing as loud as I could. I rode past some landscapers who were laughing at me. Yeah, really funny. So I had to flip them off. (Now I will probably find my mailbox smashed next week)



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3 responses to “How long does it take to get totally wet?

  1. b.martin

    landscapers don’t smash mailboxes they come back at night and kill your lawn…….

  2. Brian

    ha … they’d actually be doing me a favor if they killed my so-called “lawn”.

  3. you have some good writings and I probably won’t ride the velo track but your are right every cyclist should donate to the cause because it promotes cycling in general. keep writing!

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