Today I have the lucky (*)

Does luck (good and bad) really run in threes? You decide.

I really wanted to crack the top 5 this year at the Masters Nationals. Anything less would leave me disappointed. I felt good warming up, but then 10 minutes before the start the wind kicked up, then the rain came. The only time it rained all day.

Out on the course my legs never opened up. It was a struggle the entire way. I was discouraged at the finish, thinking no way was my time good enough for top 5. After cooling down, I was surprised when a couple of people congratulated me on the results. I finished in 5th place. By one second.

After a time trial you always think about where you lost time. In this case, somewhere along the way, I did just enough to make the 1 second I needed:

1 Thurlow Rogers 00:49:50.30 Amgen Giant Masters
2 Mark Swartzendruber 00:50:42.10 Lucas Oil Cycling Team
3 Kevin Metcalfe 00:51:03.90 Team Specialized Racing
4 Roger Friend 00:51:51.80 Monticello Velo Club
5 Brian Batke 00:52:12.30 Team Columbus
6 Brendan Sullivan 00:52:13.60 GTC

Later, I went to the Louisville Bats (Triple-A) baseball game. A great way to spend a warm summer evening. There actually were live bats flying around above the stadium at dusk.

I got in line at the ticket window. While waiting, a guy walked up and offered me an extra ticket he had but couldn’t use. He wouldn’t take any money.

While at the game, I decided a beer would be a good idea. I passed on the Bud at the big stands, and instead went to a smaller stand selling Guinness, Sam Adams, Pislner Urquell, etc. I got in line, at which point the guy at the front decided to buy for everyone who was in line (I was the last one). He was in Louisville on business and apparently was feeling generous.

Oh, and I found free parking on the street (I guess that makes 4).

(*) When interviewed after winning Paris-Roubaix, Johan Musseuw said, in English, “to win Paris-Roubaix, you must have the lucky. Sometimes you don’t have the lucky.  Today I have the lucky”. One of my all-time favorite cycling quotes.



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8 responses to “Today I have the lucky (*)

  1. Craig

    Well done Brian. Best try and keep Lady Luck happy for as long as possible 😉

  2. Great job Brian, Congrats on the great results. Good luck for later in the week, too.

  3. Brian

    Thanks guys for the congrats.

    After the race last year, every time I got on the TT bike I thought about doing well at nationals. Now if only Thurlow Rogers would retire maybe I would have a shot at getting the jersey 🙂

  4. Top 5 is excellent! Well done.

    I know what you mean about being chilled and wet though – my legs never feel good in weather like that. Didn’t bother nearly as much in the past. Must be one of those other benefits of getting older ;).

    May the “lucky” continue to come your way.

  5. Brendan

    I too spent time figuring where I could have found another second or two, but I rationalized that if I could have found one, so could the guy in front (you). Incidentally, I think I was in second when you went down in the RR too, you were the first I saw go down and it settled everyone else down on the corners, as we realized just how slippery it had become.

  6. Brian

    Hey Brendan … yeah, you have a good point on that. I’ve thought of that too. In the end, I have to think things sorted themselves out the way they should have.

    Congrats on your ride in both the TT and road race. You should be pleased with the RR result.

    Funny … I was talking with a guy yesterday at Superweek who saw the crash too (Halverson), and he said the same thing as you. I’m glad no one else went down as a result.

    ps. how did you manage to find this site?

  7. Brendan

    I googled myself, and found this site on about the third page, and recognized your name from Nationals so dug around further. It looks like you showing the first six finishers triggered the search and there are not too many Brendan Sullivans around.
    Yes, Halverson was in our little break at the end. He cramped on the last lap. I was very pleased with 2nd in the RR, missing out in the TT gave me that little bit more resolve to hang on in the RR.
    From where I was riding it looked surreal, your bike just gave way on the right hander. It was like Menchovs fall up hill the other day on the didnt look like the bike should have gone, but it did.

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