More lucky

Cooling down after the time trial at nationals, I come back to my car to find someone had left a CycleOps mag trainer. My first thought iss that my teammate Ray had left his for me to use. I call him. Not his.

Who would have left a trainer by my car? Someone must have been seriously confused. Then it hits me: the Team COBC guys (Burns and Matson) graciously offered the use of their canopy to stay dry while warming up. I had grabbed a trainer that was next to the canopy and used it. It must have belonged to the car next to them. And then later they thought it was mine.

I’m told it belongs to a guy from a team in Wisconsin (ISCorp), and he’s on his way home. So I have a trainer that I don’t need, and don’t really have room for.

Next day, I ride over to the road race course to check it out. Riding around slowly, still tired from the time trial, a couple of guys zip past me. I recognize a jersey: ISCorp. I sprint up to them, and ask, do you have a teammate who lost a trainer? The guy says, actually it’s my trainer.

We pull over to exchange numbers and sort out how to get it back to him. As we’re stopped at the side of the road, the two Team COBC guys come flying by and yell, “watch out for that Torelli guy” (with no clue about what was going on).

Now what are the odds of all of us converging right then?

There is a big casino here, right where the time trial started. I think I may have to go check it out.



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2 responses to “More lucky

  1. I am not a superstitious person by nature. However, I can’t help but take notice of the number of times I remembered to bring stuff like a fender, arm warmers, shoe covers, etc. only to have the weather system move faster than expected and conditions were nice for the event.

    Then again, when I don’t bother with those bad-weather items, the oddball torrential downpour always seems to hit. Maybe it’s just that I notice / remember it more in that case.

    Karma, however, is another thing altogether. I do believe that good things happen to good people. There are some jerks in the world that would have just kept the trainer. But you made an effort to find the owner so it could be returned. Therefore … bam! You and the guy cross paths on the road.

    As it should be.

    Don’t bother with the casino. The odds are always in favor of the house.

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