It’s coming

I’ve dreaded this day since the first day in April when I rode without arm or knee warmers.

This is the first day when I’ve felt the hint that, before too long, the weather is going to change. First it will be arm and knee warmers. Then heavy jerseys, tights, booties, and lobster mitts. Then those of us who live east of the Cuyahoga will curse the decision to live where obscene amounts of snow fall.

Last night I drove out to do the Leroy Township time trial. When I got there it was warm and sunny. Hot actually, and I was sweating as I got ready. I rode the course to the turnaround and saw what was on its way: dark clouds, sheets of rain, and streaks of lightning. My time trial for the night consisted of hammering the 4 mile trip back to the car, just in time, before the monsoon came.

I drove home, where the weather hadn’t yet hit, and went out again on the bike. The sky had that dreaded lake-effect look to it, with the heavy clouds that roll from northwest to southeast carrying the moisture from the lake. I was not hot while riding for the first time in weeks.

I know, we’ve still got weeks of good weather and racing ahead. But when I feel that snap of coolness in the morning, I just can’t help thinking about what’s on its way. Sorry to bring it up.


I didn’t have to wait until December to curse the lake effect. I’m already doing it on August 10.

Leaving the race in Orrville, it was warm and sunny, with some puffy, white clouds. By the time I got off I-271 I could see the cloud deck hanging over eastern Cuyahoga and Geauga counties, like the rain clouds over Schleprock. Stupid Lake Erie.

Then the rain came. If this were December, we’d probably have a foot of snow. To the south, probably 5 or 10 miles away, I could see the edge of the clouds, and sunshine beyond. Did I mention that I hate Lake Erie?



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3 responses to “It’s coming

  1. Jim

    I went out to Leroy just to watch the rain fall.
    I had a successful trip!

  2. ray

    I just got to thinking about how my hands (especially my left fingers) painfully froze on ride after ride last winter. Man, how am I going to combat that?

    Did you see those neoprene booties for drop bars? They are so silly looking, but maybe I will need them for those sub40 rides.

    I can always use gators for pants on the mtb as I have seen Brett Davis use.

  3. Brian

    I’m usually good down to 25 degrees or so. Heavy booties + polar tec socks over the shoes, lobster gloves with a liner glove underneath. worst case … some of those hand/toe warmer packs you can get at ski shops work really well.

    But I don’t want to think about that yet.

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