We pay money to do this

Saturday night, stay home instead of going out. Pass on drinking that glass of wine. Go to bed at 10, anticipating the shock of the 5:30 AM alarm. Wake up bleary-eyed, down half a pot of coffee. Force yourself to eat though your stomach is saying, “not this early”. Head out in the early morning darkness to drive 80 miles to Erie, PA. Hope that the caffeine will kick in and keep your car from drifting into the rumble strips.

90 minutes later scramble to pump tires, pin on numbers, get dressed, use the beach-house john that’s already seen way too many visitors this morning.

Finish off the espresso shot. Prepare for the discomfort to come.

With some luck, it will be around 26 minutes of suffering. The harder you ride, the more unpleasant it will be, but also the sooner it will be over. It’s comical to pay to do something you wish was over as soon as it starts. At the Presque Isle fall time trial, there were 140 people willing to pay for the privilege of suffering while riding the 12.5 miles around the peninsula.

These were not all hard-core racers, either. The ages ranged from 11 to 75. Bikes ranged from full-on TT bikes to knobby-tired MTBs. You have to love that.

Standing around afterward, it’s interesting to hear riders’ perceptions of their rides. Some of us, again, made the mistake of paying attention to the misplaced (and then missing) mile markers. Some (Ray H) seem to have a computer running in their heads the whole time. We concluded that if you’re thinking that much, you’re wasting watts. And if you’re thinking clearly at all, you’re not going hard enough.

You also have to love that the rain held off until the very minute they finished announcing results and handing out the plaques — especially since everyone was huddled around the organizer’s laptop looking at the results (the printer wouldn’t work). THAT was a sight worthy of a picture.

Here were the top-5, which included 3 of us from the “Leroy TT crowd”:

1 Brian Batke,47,Novelty,OH 25:53.21 28.97 Team Columbus
2 Eric Hodos,40,Allison Park,PA 26:33.78 28.24 UPMC Cycling Performance
3 Rudy Sroka,51,N. Royalton,OH 26:35.56 28.20 Team Lake Effect
4 Chris Cioccio,37,Erie,PA 26:46.87 28.00 Indiana Regional Med Center
5 Ray Huang,42,Cleveland Heights,OH 26:52.46 27.91 Team Columbus

along with a great effort from another Leroy-er:
80 Robert Sroka,13,N. Royalton,OH 33:42.28 22.25 Team Lake Effect



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4 responses to “We pay money to do this

  1. Jim

    Nice work Brian, you made us proud.
    I agree with you about Ray. I was never able to have an intelligent thought while doing a time trial and if I rode it correctly, I was tunnel visioned and seeing stars. I can’t imagine how he is able to analyze things while he rides but having said that, he is pretty fast.

  2. Thanks for the result and great job once again!

    You’re going great. Is that your last event of the year? or does that mtb w/ road pedals say cyclocross on it? (I read all your old posts)


  3. ray

    You mean all I had to do to go 0.1mph faster was to be even dumber than I am now?!?!?! Awesome-I can DO that!! OK, my new mantra is find that nothingness like Patrick the sea star!! DDDUUUUHHHHH.. (if you dont know this, you dont have kids-its from Sponge Bob.

  4. Brian

    I’ve still got the OH state road race on 9/21 penciled in on my calendar, but I may wimp out if the weather is bad. 82 miles in a cold September rain doesn’t sound too appealing as a ‘last event of the year’.

    hmmm … Sponge Bob and time trialing … that’s a connection I wouldn’t have thought of 🙂 I’ll have to remember that. Nice one.

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