They say most accidents happen at home

My goals  for the Leroy Township ‘cross race (my 2nd ever “real” ‘cross race) were:

1. Finish the race

2. Finish better than dead last

3. Don’t get hurt

In last week’s Wendy Park race, I raced a whole 15 minutes when a flat forced me to abandon (no spare wheels for the bike I’m borrowing from Julie).  So this week, I made sure to put a tube and pump in my pocket.  Changing a flat might take 5 minutes but at least I’d finish.

Pre-riding the course, I was a bit nervous about trying to ride through the steep, 3 ft deep (or so it seemed) drainage ditch … 6 times per lap. The mental image of me flying over the bars was not one I wanted to actually experience.

But as it turned out, I managed.  It was ugly, but I managed.  I rode the ditches about half the time, ran half the time, and concluded that running was faster (for me anyway).  I fell only twice, neither which were bad.  It was more like I “fell over” than “fell off”.  Whacked my knee against the bars and top tube a number of times.

I didn’t finish last. Only 4 guys lapped me.  My knee was sore but otherwise I lived to ride again tomorrow.

At home I went to the backyard to clean the mud off the bike.  As i was hooking up the hose, I somehow stepped in a hole and rolled my ankle (and feeling a painful ‘pop’).  It hurt far worse than anything during the race.  

Oh, the irony.



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5 responses to “They say most accidents happen at home

  1. Jim

    A number of years ago I jumped off a 2 1/2′ high step to stop my son from trying to get to the street before I did. As I landed, my ankle rolled under and my eyes filled with tears. Very painful and VERY stupid. I feel your pain.

  2. ray

    Those ditches got me in warm-up. I endoeds and slammed both shins into something as I fell. But come race time I did the ditches the same every lap and only tapped a foot down once. They were dare I say it easy with race adrenaline. Ditto on the rocky “Thing” we rode over. Couldnt do it in warm-up, but got faster and faster each lap.

    Good job-keep at it. Some courses will favor you, some wont. Especially your first year. Do Spin-you’ll be fast there!!

  3. Brian

    When Shawn passed me it was right as we hit the ditches. I rode the first one ok … and he jumped off and ran, and was faster than I was riding. I saw Paul was running also.

    For as fast as I was going through the rocky section … I think I could have run faster. But remounting on the downhill part would have been a problem for me.

  4. Andy

    I crashed two weeks ago on my cross bike….fractured the middle knuckle on my left hand. nuff said.

  5. Brian

    ouch. it can always be worse. for example … Jeff on Team Lake Effect, who fractured both elbows 2 weeks ago when he ran over a speed bump in the parking lot at the ‘cross clinic. going like 10mph. he wasn’t even doing the clinic.

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