Things that make you wonder …

We have a fitness center at work. There’s a group of fitness bunnies and dudes (what is the male version of a fitness bunny?) that works out early in the morning.

At least one of them fails to see the irony in leaving the fitness center, getting in his car, then driving around to the other side of the building to have a shorter walk to his cubicle.

I mean, he could have walked and gotten there faster.


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4 responses to “Things that make you wonder …

  1. Jim

    Kind of like the guy (or woman) that orders a salad, loads it down with dressing, and orders a Diet Coke. Never ceases to amaze me.

  2. Brian

    I saw someone today with a huge bowl of ice cream and a diet coke (and believe me, they didn’t need the ice cream). on the other hand … I guess diet coke is better than ice cream + regular coke (calorie wise that is).

  3. Who was the comic that pin-pointed the irony that you will only see in New York?

    “Only in New York will you see people waiting for the elevator to get to the gym so they can use a stairmaster.”


    And hey, why do we park in a driveway but drive on the parkway?

  4. Jim: Dressing is not necessarily a bad thing. A good olive oil / balsamic vinegar dressing is quite healthy.

    But yeah, if it’s that crappy sick-sweet French or heart-clogging Ranch, then … well, it’s crap.

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