Tug of war

In 2006 I went to see a pro cyclocross race in the Netherlands.

Before the big race were amateur and masters races. When I saw the local guys cleaning off their bikes, standing around rehashing the race, I wished I had been out there with them. After seeing the pros race I thought, “I have to try this.” I’m like that when I see my daughter run in cross-country meets. It makes me want to put on a pair of running shoes, pin on a number, and go out and race.

This year I decided to at least dip my toe in the ‘cross racing waters. I borrowed a bike (thanks again Julie!) and have tried 2 races. Now I have a problem. I’m having an internal conflict over whether or not to jump in all the way:

I would need to buy a ‘cross bike (bad). I get to buy another cool bike (good).

Basically I suck at ‘cross (bad) and would need a lot of practice (bad). I’m sure my bike handling skills would improve (good).

I don’t like finishing at the back (bad). It’s a chance to race for fun with no pressure (good).

Going to a race eats up the better part of a day. At this time of year I’d like to just roll out the driveway for a long ride (bad). There’s nothing like going to a race (good).

You have to clean your bike all the time (bad). You get to play in the mud (good).

Since it’s hard to do something half-way, I think I’ve got to make a decision: either in or out. We’ll see how it goes after this weekend.



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2 responses to “Tug of war

  1. Jim

    Great piece! So true.

  2. Ray

    Wow-welcome to my world. I am always doing the good bad thing.

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