Prep (?) for Superweek

Another race, another taper. Well, sort of.

Superweek starts (for me) on Monday. Last year I said this:
>> Next year, I drive back either late at night or early morning.

That was in reference to the insane Friday afternoon traffic from the Wisconsin border through Chicago and all the way to Gary, IN. So what do I do this year? Arrange to race Mon-Fri and leave for home Friday afternoon.

I also said I would get an EZ-Pass so I could just blow through the toll booths just like those other drivers I so envied last year. I waited too long to order a transponder. Damn.

I registered for the race just a few hours before the late-fee deadline. Made a hotel reservation just 4 days before leaving.

Now just I hope my fitness is a little more reliable than my planning. It’s tough to fit two peak fitness periods in a 3 week window (the last one was for nationals). After the inevitable let-down after the first peak, how do you make yourself sharp again for another big race a couple of weeks later?

I’m hoping our 3-day Tour of the Valley race will be enough to kick my fitness up to where I can get some decent results.

And maybe I’m secretly wishing — just a little — that the economy will keep some of those fast guys from California away this year. But then again, that is one of the things that makes the race worth going to.



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6 responses to “Prep (?) for Superweek

  1. Mehul

    You can buy an E-Z pass in Indiana. It won’t work right away, but it will be good for your return trip. Plus, Ohio will be adopting the same system in the fall and that should work here too.

  2. Mehul

    Oh, and good luck!

  3. Brian

    thanks! I called the IN toll road, and they said it would take 2 hrs for the transponder to be activated in IN. Then 24 hrs for it to work in other states. so yeah, it would work on the way back (which is probably better anyway). Will try to buy one on the way.

  4. Jim

    Best of luck and bring back some hardware (or better yet some money!)

  5. John Lowry

    Best of luck, Brian!

  6. Brian

    thanks all for the best wishes. will try to do some posting while there.

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