Not-so-deep post-Superweek thoughts

After the last few weeks my jerseys are beginning to resemble pin cushions.

9 races in 15 days (Tour of the Valley + Westlake + Superweek) weakens your immune system, allowing you to catch the dreaded summer cold and waste the race fitness you just built.

A VW Passat wagon can fit a bike, 4 wheels, work stand, bucket, pump, shoes, helmet and assorted other bike gear PLUS 4 people and their clothes for a week. And all without putting the bike up on a rack.

4 people in a room for a week will result everyone getting annoyed at least once about something or someone. Even when it’s family. Especially when it’s family.

If you go to a multi-day race, bring a bucket, rags, cleaning supplies and a work stand. It sucks washing your bike in a hotel parking lot. But having supplies makes it at least doable.

Compared to Milwaukee, Cleveland’s lakefront is an embarrassment.

Blowing past the toll booth lines because you have an EZ-Pass is very cool.

After racing 5 days in a row, it feels weird to wake up in the morning and not have to get ready to race. It also feels weird to just go out and ride easy.

The drive up to Wisconsin seems easy. The drive back seems horrible.

I do not like the smell of fast food in my car.

In every race, at least one person will do something stupid.

In a criterium it’s usually best to stay away from riders who look like Mike Ditka.

If you’re going to fall, fall on someone else instead of the pavement.

More races should have beer primes.

How long will it be until losers stop yelling “go LANCE” out of their car windows, thinking they were the first to do it?

The 5 lbs you lose during a week of racing comes back with the first beer you open.



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4 responses to “Not-so-deep post-Superweek thoughts

  1. our new skinsuits dont replenish (that isn’t the right word) the holes from numbers but it really helps cool your back down being so open. i actually enjoy it more than bibs and a jersey now. maybe too many time trials?

    just wait until people start yelling go ‘radioshack’ at you.

  2. Brian

    I have been “saving” my skinsuit for TT’s (for the most part) so that it doesn’t get destroyed. Yeah, once the holes get there they don’t want to close up again 🙂

    Now THERE’S an idea for an invention. Self-sealing skinsuit material.

    I don’t remember people yelling “go Greg” when LeMond won. Must be something about LANCE that makes people want to yell.

  3. Jim

    I will top you on the stupid things people yell. Yesterday, three of us were heading out on a ride when some teenager goes by and yells “are you Neil Armstrong?” I have to admit, given his age, being surprised that he even knew the name.
    Too bad our educational system failed him. All three of us just shook our heads in amazement.

  4. Brian

    oh man, that’s good for a laugh out loud.

    I suppose he could *somewhat* be excused, what with the 40th anniversary of the moon landing just a week or 2 ago. Probably read “Neil” and “Lance” in the same newspaper.

    Still … that is hilarious.

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