Some things should not be said

There are some things you just shouldn’t say out loud (or in email) before a race when there is even a chance of rain:

“2-1/2 hours to race time, so I think it will be mostly dry at that point”

“We may be a little wet at the start, but I don’t think it will be a soaker like 2 years ago”

“I don’t think the hard stuff’s gonna come down for a while”

The first 2 were emailed (one by me, the other by Tris). The last one I actually said out loud, before the start of the Zoar Road Race. And it ended up raining about as hard as the rainstorm in Caddyshack.

I won’t make that mistake again.

The only race I can remember where it rained harder was one year at the Chippewa Creek Road Race, where on the downhill the rain felt like it was hail. Zoar wasn’t quite that bad, but it did make me wonder about the intelligence of screaming downhill at speeds approaching 50mph while barely being able to see. I tried without glasses (was afraid of losing my contacts), looking over the top of the glasses (same), with glasses (a complete blur). I mostly tried to follow wheels and hope no one did anything stupid.

It finally let up just in time to flat, with about 10 miles to go. And the bike still would have to be cleaned later



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4 responses to “Some things should not be said

  1. Jim

    When someone starts to pay me for racing in the rain (and that isn’t going to happen), I “might” try it.
    Until then, no way. In my experience, nothing good ever happens in a rainstorm.
    Doesn’t your team have someone to clean the bikes? You know, like whoever was the last finisher, on the team, in the race?
    A flat?? Now that is like jumping on someone who is already down.

  2. Brian

    well the bike needed to be cleaned anyway.

    nothing good ever happens in a rainstorm? I can recall at least a couple of wins in the rain.

    and you get to brag about the ‘epic’ race you did in crappy weather.

    it’s not so bad if you start when it’s dry then it rains. but yeah, starting in the middle of a cold rain is not pleasant.

  3. Jim

    Well, I have only won one race in the rain and it wasn’t worth it. I was SOOO cold and blue.
    OTOH, I guess it was better than second!
    Agreed on a rain once we are racing. To start a wet race is not my favorite thing to do.

  4. Ray

    Try racing a kart at 95mph in a cold rain!! Talk about wndchill. Peel your hands off of the steering wheel.

    Not a marketing ploy as I bought them, but my Rudy “rydons” stayed clear the entire race. Just amazing. I had all the same issues in the rain there two years ago. NO vision, takem them off, put them on for descent, look over the tops, fogging while climbing. This year I left them on and they didnt fog. Vision wasnt great, but it wasnt horrible.

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