Racing with a pig?

I’ve been told that I’m a hypochondriac. A little sniffle or scratchy throat, and I proclaim that I must be coming down with something.

The truth is that when you ride just about every day, you notice when your body feels even a little different. And then you start thinking about how you’re training is going to be compromised. Most guys I know try to ride through if possible. Just dial down the intensity. I usually feel better if I can ride even a little.

Usually this happens in winter, or early in the racing season. But this year, the day after returning from Superweek I woke up tired. Not really a surprise. But by the next day it had turned into a sore throat. It was so nice I went out and rode anyway. I just traded packets of Gu for Cold-Eeze. The next day I was so tired I slept through the alarm and ended up taking my first sick day of the year at work.

The sore throat then morphed into a full blown cough. Somehow I managed to race that Saturday, Sunday, then Tuesday night. A bit too stubborn perhaps? The cough morphed into swollen glands in my neck.

So then the other day I was reading an article about H1N1, aka “swine flu”. It talked about the symptoms and how for most people the symptoms are not severe. Then another racer told me his mom had it. And then a neighbor.

And so I’m wondering. Would I be a hypochondriac if I thought I actually had it? I figured being among a bunch of other racers at Superweek, with people spitting, using porta potties, being out at restaurants every day, it wouldn’t be a shock.

Not that it really matters one way or the other … except that maybe now I’ve built up antibodies. Which would be nice.

And I could boast about racing back to back days, one in the pouring rain, while being sick with the swine flu. That would be epic.

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