Itching to run

Watching others do sports can be contagious. After the last Winter Olympics I was seriously ready to go out and learn short-track speed skating. So now that my daughter has started cross-country practice, I’m getting the itch to do some running.

I don’t profess to be a big runner — in fact up until about 4 years ago I’d never done much running. But when I was over in Germany, where in December it was dark at 4:00 PM, putting on running shoes was better than sitting and suffering on the trainer.

There is a minimalist satisfaction in being able just slip on shoes and run out the door. No equipment hassles. No having to wash your bike. No real worries about the weather — it’s no problem running in the rain or snow or cold.

The favorite route I had in Germany was to run from my apartment — at night — over the Rheinknie Brücke into Düsseldorf and then back over the Oberkasseler Brücke. It was a nice 4 or 5 mile run, with 2 trips over the Rhein (which never failed to make me think … “cool”).

A few years before that, I never would have imagined myself running 4 or 5 miles. Or if I did, I never would have imagined actually enjoying it.

Now, I’m looking forward to doing some nice trail runs in a few weeks. I just have to remind myself to start slow, and keep it short at first. While the lungs will say “no problem” the cycling-legs will surely rebel.


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  1. Ray

    I think about running the same way. A quick way to get exercise (and burn away fat) when a 2 to 3 hour ride just isnt feasible and the trainer seems unappealing. Got to bang those bones too. My first 15 min run went with minimal soreness, thank goodness.

    And I dont know why I feel funny admitting this, but I started to enjoy them too.

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