Don’t need a weatherman …

What did we do in the days before weather radar was a few mouse clicks away? We looked up at the sky, decided it was safe to ride … and then got wet a lot more often.

The forecast today was for ‘scattered showers’. Scattered is OK, as long as the rain is scattered on someone other than you. Otherwise you just feel like Schleprock.

Radar was inconclusive. The sky however was clear. Heading out on the road, I could see a line of clouds to the east, but clear skies to the south and west. Radar showed a general movement north-northwest. So I went in the direction of the sunshine.

Good decision. It was sunny, dry, warm, and quite pleasant. A nice, easy ride after a long weekend. I was congratulating myself for my superior weather-pattern reading.

You just know where this is going, right?

Two miles from home, on the same stretch of road where the day before I helped push a broken-down SUV, in one instant the clouds closed in, the sky became dark, and the temperature dropped 10 degrees. I’d hit the edge of the front that was literally passing over my neighborhood.

The cloudburst soon followed. I pulled off the road, and with a nice cyclocross dismount ducked under a tree. Then I made the call home:

“Um, can you come get me? My bike is clean, and I really don’t feel washing it again.”



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2 responses to “Don’t need a weatherman …

  1. Jim

    Ha!!! I stayed dry (well except for some sweat).

  2. Brian

    hey, thanks for rubbing it in.

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