Don’t try this

bike phone

When you see someone on a bike talking on a cell phone, do you think, “what a wanker”? What about texting? What about someone laying in the road, one foot clipped into a pedal and one hand holding the cell phone?

Yeah, that would be me.

My defense is: the text was from my daughter; I was only a few houses from having left home; I did at least stop and unclip from one pedal.

It was one of those incidents where the front wheel turns the wrong way, and you go over on the side where you’re clipped in. Like you sometimes see on the start line before a race, when a guy isn’t paying attention. Then everyone laughs and says, “now we know who to avoid.”

Only I was laying in my own street, with a chainring gouge in one calf, and a road rash scar FROM JULY torn open again. For the third time. I think the scab is going to be with me until next July.

At least I don’t think any of the neighbors were watching.

Apparently some others have also decided this is not a good idea:


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15 responses to “Don’t try this

  1. locovelo

    I told you this would happen for cursing Lance. let this be a warning.

  2. Brian

    Well I paid my daughter’s entry to run in the Race for the Cure last week. Maybe that bought me some karma.

  3. locovelo

    Not nearly enough karma for the crime you committed. You are completly lacking in any sense of porportion.

  4. Brian

    I have a saddle sore (in Sept?!?!?). Yet another curse from Lance?

  5. locovelo

    You can make all the fun you want, but I give your far warning: Lance is not mocked.

    He came back from death to save us all from a horible disease.

    So if you think you can get away with impunity, you are seriously diluted.

  6. Brian

    My legs were seriously diluted today, not having raced in a couple weeks (or trained for racing). But still I managed 3rd, and at least I was racing. Lance on the other hand was slacking, recovering from his B-Day wine:

  7. locovelo

    Dude, you need to improve your vocabulary. “Diluted” means clueless, out of touch, as in “dilutions of grander”.

  8. BrianB

    my legs were definitely “clueless, out of touch” on Saturday, in thinking they would be capable of matching pulls with a guy who the week before had a good result at the UCI-rated Univest GP.

  9. Anonymous

    Wear not talking about your legs, but about your shameful atttude torwards Lance. Don’t try to confuse things.

    And today is Tuesday.

  10. +1 to Anonymous.

    Batke, you are not worth the chair you are sitting on, with that comment.



    There is nothing wrong, with my punctuation. I am always on time.

    I use extra commas, because, sometimes I have a mental pause.


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