I blame it on Twitter and Facebook …

… for not having updated this blog since November, that is.

Why use two- or three-hundred words when you can say it in 140 characters?

That’s meant to be rhetorical, but it does raise an actual question.

Not long ago I sent an email, and the recipient joked: hey, when did you start dropping your personal pronouns? I’ve noticed that my work email at times takes on a “Twitter-esque” tone.

I’m afraid I’m losing the ability — more like the patience — to string together more than just a couple of coherent sentences.

Even as I write this Tweetdeck has popped up and is telling me that 2 new tweets have come in. It’s hard to force myself not to look at them.

I was noticing the other day that at every work meeting I now go to, everyone has a laptop and/or cellphone open, and is constantly looking at it. At least now they can’t say the meeting was a total waste of time. Or can they?



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3 responses to “I blame it on Twitter and Facebook …

  1. glad you are back from the dark side.

  2. Jim

    You call that a reason to not update your blog???

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