LeBron is like this cat we have …

A friend at work “rescued” this cat. It started hanging around, so being a cat person, he fed it. The cat was super friendly, so he figured someone had abandoned it. He was looking for someone to adopt it, so we said “OK, why not”.

My friend was right — it is as friendly and affectionate a cat as we’ve ever met.

Except it doesn’t want to stay in the house. It sits by the window and looks outside, and at every opportunity tries to get out. We wanted to keep it indoors for a while — at least for a few months so that it learns where ‘home’ is.

But it’s major stress trying to keep the cat from doing what it wants to do. When it’s gotten out, it’s stayed out for several days. The first few times it came back. But now we’re at 3 days with no sign of the cat.

We finally came to the understanding that the cat is going to do what it wants. And so now I don’t really care what that is. If it comes back, then fine. If it doesn’t, well, that’s just what the cat wants to do, regardless of how attached we might be to it.

In the previous couple of months, seeing all those people trying to “convince” LeBron to stay in Cleveland seemed rather pathetic. Just like I would be pathetic if I tried to convince my cat that he should want to stay with us, and stay in the house and never try to get out.

The big difference though is that my cat didn’t hold a 1 hour TV special to announce that he was going to go live in the woods and eat mice and chipmunks. So I have a lot more respect for the cat.



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6 responses to “LeBron is like this cat we have …

  1. Very well said …. I could not of worded it any better.

  2. Difference between dogs and cats?

    Dogs think we are Gods.
    Cats think they are God.

    Also, another word for cat is “pussy”.

    OK, one more …
    The problem with kittens is that they grow up to be cats.


  3. Jim

    I might make a slight change.
    “Cats KNOW they are God”

  4. Brian

    yeah, I’d agree with that: the cat is definitely in charge. Still no sign of ours. I leave food outside, and *something* eats it. But it could be anything. Maybe even LeBron.

  5. Brian

    BTW … the cat came back after about a week. Now he goes out and usually comes back around dinner time, or when it rains (like tonight). Once we stopped trying to keep him in, he wasn’t so spastic about getting out.

  6. Anonymous

    To Mr. LeBron James,

    My sister lies dead by her own hand. A daughter who idolized you is chained to a bed in a psychiatric facility. A son is heavily sedated, and a wife who supported you has cut breasts.

    That is only a small portion of the devastation and trauma in the wake of your callous, narcissistic acts of July 8, 2010.

    And I hold you personally responsible. You will be hearing from me.

    LeBron James, you are vermin. You are the maggots on a rotting piece of flesh. You are the excrement in a pool of sewage.

    And from this day forward, you are a marked man.

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