Sometimes surviving is enough

The evening after the finish of the Tour of the Valley, I was watching the Tour de France and thinking, “damn, I feel just like Lance Armstrong”.

Lance was dropped and was being shepherded to the finish by a couple of teammates.

At the Tour of the Valley, because I had a decent TT time, I had a couple of teammates ready to sacrifice and help me during the road race. Which was very cool. And during the road race I ended up needing that help to catch back up to the lead group after the 2nd big climb.

At that point my main motivation for even trying to stay with the front group was because guys had helped me do it. I knew I wasn’t going to have legs to put in any big attacks toward the end, but if I could just stay in with the leaders I wouldn’t lose any time on GC. I don’t like racing like that — just surviving — but I felt that I would be letting teammates down if I didn’t.

The officials took the GC time at the point where we started the finishing circuit. I considered quitting at that point, but since so few guys were going to finish I stayed in survival mode and finished out the circuits to claim a money spot for the day.

At the end of a race, regardless of placing, I always have a feeling of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. If have that gnawing sense of dissatisfaction, then it’s because I think I could have done better. After the Tour of the Valley road race I was satisfied just to have survived.


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  1. Anonymous

    Feel like Lance? So, you ready for jail? 🙂

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