Like Groundhog Day

You need to have a thick skin when you choose to live in northeast Ohio. Not only do you have to endure jokes about burning rivers and mediocre sports teams, there is this minor issue called “weather”.

I’ve generally tried to follow the “making lemonade” approach to winter here. Get the right gear to be able to ride outside when possible. Build up running capability in the fall, so I could run outside when it gets crappy. When it snows a lot, go snowboarding (when my kids were young, I learned to snowboard along with them).

This year seems different. I can’t remember a winter that has seemed so long. How long? Usually I can tell you how many days it’s been since I last rode outside. People at work always ask, “are you still riding?” And usually I can say, “yeah, I rode outside 2 Thursdays ago.” Normally the stretches of crappy weather are at least broken by a few days where it’s dried up enough to be outside riding. That doesn’t seem to be happening. We’ve had one long, unbroken stretch of too-cold-and/or-too-wet-to-ride conditions.

Right now, I’ve lost track of the last time I rode outside. All I know is that I’ve watched 4 full seasons of 30 Rock while sitting on the trainer. Had I been able to watch interactive German language videos, my German would back up to “reasonably fluent”.

Running outside? Nagging IT band soreness has kept me from doing that.

I think it’s been a month since the sun came out.

My daily routine has been the same: go to work, come home and get on the trainer, scoop the cat’s litter box, shower, eat, make a lunch to take to work. Drink a glass of wine and read email. Go to bed. Repeat next day.

It’s like Groundhog Day.

Don’t be surprised if you see me in a pickup truck with a groundhog behind the wheel.



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2 responses to “Like Groundhog Day

  1. Jim

    Way too long and far too real.

    • Brian

      … and watching the weather report tonight, there is no break in sight.

      Can’t wait til I go to Phoenix first week in March.

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