Exercising Stupidity

Yesterday I had this realization that if I start out on a workout, I need to finish it. No matter how stupid it becomes. I think that’s why I won’t start a ride when it’s raining, but once I’m out in it I’ll keep going for as long as I had planned.

I signed up for a 15km trail race that’s coming up in a week, and hadn’t done any trail runs in a while because of all the snow. So I figured I should go out and get my “trail legs” back again. The plan was to run for 1hr 15 min. I don’t know why I thought this would be feasible, given the snow/rain/snow we got in the past week. I guess I had this idea that enough other people would have packed down the trail enough. But I forgot that “most people” are smart enough not to attempt slogging through 18 inches of crusty snow.

Well, I could see that a few had tried. It didn’t look so bad, so I started down the trail. 18 minutes and only 2km later, I decided that this was an exercise in stupidity. I was either sinking through the icy crust, or falling into holes other people had made. But I just could not make myself stop and turn around. I thought that maybe it would get better when I hit the main trail. It did get better, but was still more about trying not to get hurt than it was about getting a workout.

The smarter thing would have been to turn around at the start, and just run on the road. The amusing thing is that I didn’t even think about that.

What I did was finish the workout, then go home and start looking online for a pair of racing snowshoes.

Which I ordered today.



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7 responses to “Exercising Stupidity

  1. It is extra tough this year with the layers of ice, soft snow, ice, hard ground from all the freezes and thaws. It has worked well for my icicle farming though!

  2. As requested – http://www.flickr.com/photos/thefactoryrider/4263489417/

    I’ll have to take another few pictures of this years. They about the same length but run basically across the whole perimeter of my house.

  3. Jim

    I REALLY thought you were smarter than this.
    Guess not!
    BTW, you will still beat me without resorting to punishing yourself!

  4. I think the most stupid thing I have seen is snow-cycling…the guy fell off his bicycle about 2 metres on, naturally.

    • Brian

      tried that. Exactly once. On my MTB, maybe 10-12 yrs ago. Thought I would be able to ride on the local metropark bike path (sometimes they plow it). I remember my HR was pegged just trying to keep the bike moving.

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