10 days ago, if you had told me it would be sunny and 30 degrees with dry roads, I would have been been excited to get out and ride.

After spending 8 days in Phoenix, where .5 inches of rain results in news flashes and flood warnings, 30 degrees and sunny feels shocking. Two full hours after riding, my fingers and toes were still cold, and all I wanted to do was get under a blanket and warm up (and I’m still under it).

OK, so it’s all about acclimation. While out in Phoenix I was riding in shorts and short sleeves while I passed another guy wearing tights and long sleeves. It was about 65 degrees.

We like to think that living in the crap-weather belt makes us tougher. I suppose it does.

After this dismal winter, and after spending 8 straight days in sunshine, I’m starting to think it also makes us a bit stupid.

Every place has its problems. As I mentioned here and here, I found riding around Phoenix to be annoying. But when you can live someplace where the sun shines for most of the year, why would you not seriously consider it?

On one ride this year, after getting caught out in a downpour when it was 45 degrees out, I literally yelled to anyone who would listen, “what dumbass decided to put a city here???”

Final notes on Phoenix:

My last two days I finally found routes that qualified as “awesome”. Great scenery for most of the way, and lots of climbing. But I still had to fight the traffic to get out to those roads. At one point I was cursing out loud at the cars buzzing me when I passed a dude who was hitch hiking. He said something that sounded like, “bummer, man.”

After riding I went to get coffee and sat outside in shorts to watch the sun set. That day was like the day before, which was like the day before that: sunny. I asked someone if she ever got tired of that. She just looked at me as if to say, “what do you think?”

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