Duct tape is a tool

There is a universal law about bike maintenance: when you decide to do it the night before a race, you will without fail run into something you didn’t expect, and it will take way longer than you imagined.

I used to think I wanted to own a bike shop. Then I realized that I didn’t like working on bikes. I generally avoid doing maintenance until it’s absolutely needed. I’m not as bad as some. At least I don’t have duct tape holding pieces together. I take that back. Actually I do.

So the night before the first race of the year, I decide I should dig out some race wheels. Which need tires mounted. And the rear needs a cassette.

After a winter of riding in the slop, the chain is now apparently worn so much that it skips on the cassette. OK, should I find a new chain, break it to the right length? Or just grab the working (worn) cassette of the other wheels. Yeah, the latter seems easier.

But the winter slop has made the lock ring next to impossible to remove without stripping it …

Two hours after starting a 30 minute job, it seems to be together. We’ll see, first time up the hill.

And the duct tape is still on the handlebars.



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3 responses to “Duct tape is a tool

  1. Jim

    I am SO disappointed in you. I always thought you had it all together!
    Did it work?
    BTW, get to bed!

    • Brian

      yep, worked OK! no chain skips. People were however making fun of my duct-taped handlebars.

      Now … I do have to put on a new chain and throw out the worn cassettes.

  2. Anonymous

    Duct-taped shoes used to be Hansen trademark…

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