Want to be a Hard Man (or Woman)?

Just listen to Brad Hansen.

Every year the announcement for his spring training race contains at least one gem:

The event will end when the main field of the “A” race crosses the finish. With all due respect to those that get dropped, since we let you get back in with the main field with some conditions/restrictions that are addressed at the beginning of each race, there is no reason for us to wait around for you to finish your private tour. Racing is racing and touring is touring. Please don’t confuse the two.

In the past there have been messages that went something like: “while you were home on the couch we had a bike race.”

Rain or a little bit of snow? Do you want to get faster? Your competitors do.

When I first started racing, Brad was one of the Hard Men I wanted to emulate. He was the type of racer who would launch an attack just when you thought the race couldn’t get any harder. Hill work for him meant doing 20 climbs out of the Cuyahoga Valley.

When I get lazy thoughts about not hassling with spring races in crappy weather, I think about one of those “Bradisms”.

There’s a race today, and the thermometer is currently reading 18 degrees. It would be easy to stay on the couch and watch basketball. But Brad would not approve. So I’ll see you at the race.



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2 responses to “Want to be a Hard Man (or Woman)?

  1. How about this for some tough-guy training?

    Wind so strong, your bike becomes a kite.

    Have fun today! I hope more than 10 guys show up, but at these temps …. well, we can hope.

  2. Anonymous

    Brad a hard Man? that’s a long time ago…

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