Got my Time Trialing dividend check

There’s a curious thing about competing in time trials. While you may like the competitions, the training is awful. Well, even the competition can be awful. Sometimes I think racers do it in order to “have done” the time trial as opposed to doing it because it’s enjoyable.

Most often: once you leave the start ramp, you just want it to be over.

And the training is worse. It essentially consists of forcing yourself to suffer in an unnatural position for some specified period of time. Then repeating it.

I had a moment this spring where I debated whether to even get on the TT bike this year. With no plans to travel to Oregon for Masters Nationals, there was no Big Event to target.

But the cheap side of me sees this expensive TT bike sitting in the basement. I need to race on it in order to get the cost-per-race ratio a bit lower.

I tend to forget that the TT training and racing can pay dividends in other races.

So when you find yourself off the front, solo, with 8 miles to go in the race, you can call on the experience of that time trial the week before. You know what it feels like to get as aero as possible and ride at the limit for 8 miles.

And when the moto official comes up and tells you that the chasers are only 25 seconds behind, you can find the answer to the question: can I go any harder?

It doesn’t happen all the time. But it only has to happen once for the training to be worth the suffering.



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2 responses to “Got my Time Trialing dividend check

  1. Jim

    I am taking that as “it is good to TT in Leroy” on a regular basis.
    All are welcome!

    • Brian

      interestingly … the Leroy course is just a bit under 8 miles … which was about the distance I covered solo at the end of the race. So I have that effort dialed in I guess.

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