Mixing Beer & Wine Experiment Completed …

… and I’m sticking to wine (bike racing).

At least for the rest of the summer.

I wrote about a desire to try to continue running while bike racing. And had one update here.

The experiment ended in May when I took a week off from running, and promptly won a bike race.

It made me realize that while I could run and be OK on the bike, I couldn’t do as well as I could if I didn’t run.

It was just too hard to fit the runs in between bike training and recovering. If I ran on an off-day, it just made me more tired. If I ran after a hard ride or race, it seemed to hurt recovery. Not a lot, but enough that I felt like I was missing that sharp edge that comes when you are well-trained and well-rested.

So I learned something.

No more running until September. And then maybe focus on some running for a while. If it works for the bike … who knows, maybe I can get a good result in a running race.



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5 responses to “Mixing Beer & Wine Experiment Completed …

  1. Jim

    Hmmm, I smell an “I told you so” out there somewhere!
    As a former runner, I am glad you came to your senses.

    • Brian

      yeah, well, I think you did say something like: what are you thinking?

      At least I came to my senses before the important races came around.

  2. As I mentioned in one of our email exchanges …
    Cycling can be used as recovery from running. But the reverse is not possible.

    No worries … when Autumn arrives, you’ll get yourself into run-shape fairly quickly, I’m sure.

    BTW, congrats on the OH State road race championship!

    • Brian

      yeah, I’m convinced there is no such thing as a “recovery run”. A couple of times I tried running Sunday evening after having raced on Sunday. It was hard, even going slow.

      Interesting thing was … overall I felt pretty fit. But in some of the races, I could just tell that I was missing something at the high end — being able to do multiple hard efforts. I could do a few but then I was done. (on the other hand … I’d been sick too. And I’ve wondered whether trying to cram in all that training contributed to being sick. hmm)

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