Random Superweek Thoughts

When you have 7 hours to yourself in a car, you can think about a lot of different stuff …

EZ-Pass (or I-Pass, I-Zoom, etc.) is a great. It feels like cheating when you can blow through the toll stations while there are lines of cars waiting. I don’t know how anyone could live in Illinois and drive on I-294 without having one.

Cops should be able to ticket someone for driving under the speed limit in the left lane while talking on a cell phone.

It used to be that truckers were good drivers (or it least it seemed that way). It doesn’t seem that way anymore.

Donna Godchaux has made a lot Grateful Dead songs cringe-worthy and not listenable.

Soccer on the radio (even the World Cup finals) just does not work.

Someone needs to invent the equivalent of Pandora streamed to your car stereo.

I don’t understand why anyone would transport their bike outside their car on a rack when they have plenty of room inside.

Related thought: I would never have a car that required me to transport my bike on a rack.

Another related thought: I’m further convinced that the VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI is the ideal bike racing car.

One downside: every single diesel pump I’ve used has left my hand smelling like diesel fuel.

It will be nice to race against guys my own age for the first time all year.

Wait. I’ll still be racing against guys who will be up to 15 years younger. D’OH!

When it’s this hot out you can’t have too much Gatorade (or some kind of sports drink).

Related thought: drinking sports drinks gets old after like 2 days.

If nothing else, it will be an interesting week.



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5 responses to “Random Superweek Thoughts

  1. What?! No mention of the “skinny guy convention” ?

  2. Jim

    I don’t know how anyone can live and drive in Illinois at all. Not for me.
    Cops should be able to ticket for reckless operation if people are on the phone while driving.
    Truckers are (generally) very poor drivers.
    Then soccer on the radio is like golf on TV?
    Totally agree on a rack on a car. I love the a-holes who buy a huge Explorer and then mount a rack on the roof. Trying to show us how much money you can waste?
    Carry a container of disposable rubber gloves in the car. I do and have no diesel smell problems. Cheap too.
    For me, they are 25 years younger (and younger than my son or daughter).

    • Brian

      hey, good idea on the gloves for diesel fuel. Will definitely have to try that. I can’t stand the diesel (or gas) smell on my hands.

  3. Long ago, my Dad had a diesel Cadillac Sedan de Ville. (Yeah, it was a monster. Old diesel tech too – in winter, he had to plug in an engine block heater in the morning or it would not start).

    Anyway, he always carried rubber gloves to use when it came time to fill up the tank.

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