Baking in Milwaukee

I told someone today, “I don’t tolerate the heat like I used to. If that makes me sound old, well, I am.”

I was sitting at the Superweek registration table, dripping sweat while some young guys were signing up, looking perfectly comfortable. One guy had compression tights on. I wanted to rip them off. Aside from the dork factor, they were making me hotter just looking at them.

It’s not supposed to be this hot in Wisconsin. I recall wearing arm warmers at more than one of the Lakefront races in years past.

The past 3 days have seen race-time temperatures of 98, 97, 102. I’ve been wearing the same clothes to and from the races because I didn’t pack enough to sweat through clean clothes every day.

Today was the worst. As soon as the race ended I pulled up behind the support truck, got bottle of cold water and dumped it over my head as I gasped from the cold shock. After laying in the shade for 15 minutes and drinking everything in my cooler, I had to ride down to a gas station for more.

There I fund the new ultimate post-race-in-the-heat recovery drink: a 32 oz frozen coke slushie. If you can avoid the brain-freeze it not only gives you a sugar boost but immediately lowers your core body temp.

After drinking that I felt human enough to go pick up my $40 check for 8th place. That should about cover the week’s hydration bill.


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3 responses to “Baking in Milwaukee

  1. Jim

    I remember dumping cold water over my head after riding about 60 miles on a 95* day. Literally took my breath away. I was amazed at how I was gasping for air.

  2. Anonymous

    why don’t you quit whining about fashions you don’t like. it’s getting to be a habit with you.

    • Brian

      charles, do you not have anything better to do? it would be one thing if your comments were actually humorous, but they’re not.

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