Dreaming at Superweek

Every so often I have a dream where I miss the start of a race. It has that same distressed-helpless feeling as that dream most every college student has had: the one where you show up for the final and realize you haven’t been to the class all semester.

In the dream I’m always at the race in time, but for some reason I don’t make it to the start before the field takes off. I think that’s one reason why I’m a bit paranoid warming up, making sure I don’t get too far away. I had an anxious moment at Superweek, where I lost my bearings. But I made it with plenty of time. I was thinking that despite all the anxiety I’ve never missed a start.

My plan was to drive home after Friday’s race in Kenosha since it was already an hour towards home. The week’s heat wave was finally broken … unfortunately by thunderstorms. When I got there, they said the racing was delayed because of lightning.

I debated whether to stay.

I sat in my car and waited to see how late the first race started (we were the second race). I called Tris for a read on the radar. As our start time approached, the first race still hadn’t started. I turned the key and was about to drive away. Then I turned it off. I didn’t want to drive away not having raced, rain or no rain. I waited some more. Finally the rain started to let up. I moved my car and was about to go register.

I saw the pace car go by. They had started. Then realized it was MY race. At some point, while I sat in the car, they had decided to scratch the first race (or move it to a different slot) and start the masters first. I stood there for a moment. There was a junior nearby getting ready for her race, so I had to choke back the F-bomb that was starting to force its way out.

It was one of those moments where you realize that there is absolutely nothing you can do to fix the situation.

So I set out for home, more than a bit PO’d at myself. Finally I reminded myself that I:
a. didn’t get wet
b. didn’t have to wash my bike
c. would make it through the Chicago traffic without any hassles
d. would make it home in time to catch the day’s Tour de France stage

But I still would have preferred to race.



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2 responses to “Dreaming at Superweek

  1. Jim

    Sounds like you adjusted to the change in a pretty good manner. I always tell myself that there are lots of things I do control so that I tend to not get upset when things I do not control go “wrong”. In this case you had no control so why get upset.
    However, I do question the change by the officials. Hard to imagine what their thoughts were. There were likely a bunch of guys in the same position as you (expecting the races to go in the order listed) and they missed the race too.

  2. Brian

    Not sure what was the rationale for changing. To be fair … I had not checked in yet. So maybe they looked at the list, and they assumed everyone was there in the start area (I was just sitting in my car to stay dry). Looked like there were only about 10 who were racing. And/or maybe the guys in the first race all decided not to race. Or they got combined with a later race (I think it was a cat 4/5 race or something). It really was my fault. I should not have just *assumed*.

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