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I’m calling it …

Summer is over.

The necessary conditions have been met:

First weekend without a race since April.

No more “big” races on the calendar.

Drank 2 bottles of wine during the week (no racing, so no reason to abstain)

We got that first refreshingly cool morning after the long string of hot and humid days. Sleeping with the windows open and no fan or air conditioning.

Leaves were actually falling from a few trees on the Maple Highlands bike trail.

The fact that I actually went out and did a leisurely ride on the Maple Highlands bike trail.

Most significantly: my daughter has now left home for college 600 miles away. And that signals more than just the end of summer.



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Blame it on the weather

“It seems like half of Ohio is trying to escape to here.”

That’s what someone tells me on a recent trip to South Carolina. Over the course of 3 days I meet at least 8 people (I lost count after a while) who had moved from Ohio.

Ask any of them why they moved, and each mentions the weather. I think that’s why my daughter chose to go to college down there. When you have the option of cold and gray or warm and sunny, who takes cold?

After a long drive back home, the next morning of course it is gray and rainy. Too wet to ride, I decide to go for a little trail run, just to start getting my legs acclimated to some off-season running.

I’m all happy that I can run for 20 minutes straight. Then about 10 paces from where my car is parked, I step awkwardly on a rock, roll my ankle and feel a painful ‘pop’.

Now I’m cursing and blaming the weather, because had it not been raining I would not have done something so stupid as running on a trail with wet rocks.

I’m now thinking about plotting my escape.

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