Blame it on the weather

“It seems like half of Ohio is trying to escape to here.”

That’s what someone tells me on a recent trip to South Carolina. Over the course of 3 days I meet at least 8 people (I lost count after a while) who had moved from Ohio.

Ask any of them why they moved, and each mentions the weather. I think that’s why my daughter chose to go to college down there. When you have the option of cold and gray or warm and sunny, who takes cold?

After a long drive back home, the next morning of course it is gray and rainy. Too wet to ride, I decide to go for a little trail run, just to start getting my legs acclimated to some off-season running.

I’m all happy that I can run for 20 minutes straight. Then about 10 paces from where my car is parked, I step awkwardly on a rock, roll my ankle and feel a painful ‘pop’.

Now I’m cursing and blaming the weather, because had it not been raining I would not have done something so stupid as running on a trail with wet rocks.

I’m now thinking about plotting my escape.


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