Roads to remember

For me, a favorite cycling route needs to include something out of the ordinary: a super hard or long climb, a particularly scenic stretch of road, some unusual or significant sight, etc.

One of my favorite routes goes east to Burton, then south to Hiram, then west and north back home. I did that route today, an unexpected September weather gift. It has 2 of those “unusual or significant” sights.

At Music Street and SR 44 I pass the spot where Miles Coburn was killed in 2008. I ride through here on average once per week.

Maybe 10 miles later, on Rapids Road, I pass the spot where Judge Charles “Chip” Henry was killed this past summer. There’s a little memorial there now, with an all-white bicycle with his name on it — with downtube shifters.

Both of these places are sober reminders that today (which just happens to be the anniversary of my birth) could in a moment be the anniversary of my death.

I like riding on these roads because they remind me not to be complacent. This is not to suggest in any way that either of those 2 riders were complacent or could have prevented their accidents.

But sometimes you can prevent it. I no longer assume that a car’s signal means it will in fact turn, or that the lack of a signal means it won’t. Or that it will stay in its lane, or leave sufficient room when passing.

I also like riding on these roads because they remind me what a gift it is to be healthy and able to ride.

I’m guessing that both of those cyclists would happy to know that others ride by those spots and remember.



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2 responses to “Roads to remember

  1. Jim

    First, Happy Birthday!
    Second, things like this go through my mind all the time. Not in a morbid way but, as you say, a reminder of VERY lucky I am to be able to do something that I love to do and that it keeps the old man in me from coming out.
    I wish you many more miles as you try to get to be as old as I am!

  2. Brian

    The Judge Henry memorial is quite touching. I hope it stays there.

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