I was mean today

I’m usually pretty friendly to other riders out on the road. If I pass someone I say ‘hey how’s it going’. Same if I’m out riding slow and someone passes me. I figure I don’t need to prove myself by trying to ‘race’ them, even if that is what they are trying to do.

But every once in a while someone bugs me.

Like today. I’m out for a short ride after work, going up a little hill at a comfortable pace, when some dude comes by me pretty fast. He doesn’t say anything, but gives that little look that says “ha, I’m beating you’. Like how Lance gave Jan Ullrich “The Look”.

Well, on this day at least, I’m in no mood for that. I’ve got to head back for an after-work function, which means my ride is cut short.

So without thinking I slam it in the big ring, catch the guy, then attack like it’s the last lap at RATL. No looking back. Just hammer until I turn and head back towards work.

It kinda hurt. I haven’t done an effort like that since the last race of the year. Then I felt a bit stupid. I think that’s what happens when you don’t race for a while. I’m thinking I need to enter a running race soon. (and don’t tell me to “do ‘cross” … though that’s probably a good answer too)


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