Revisiting the last race

It feels like it was just weeks ago that I was sitting here writing about tomorrow being the last time I go to a high school cross country race.

How could it be a year? The memory of that race is still so fresh in my mind. I can recall the weather, what I wore, where the team’s canopy was set up, and the details of how that 20-minute race went. But what I remember most is the feeling of walking to the car and driving away, with the course receding in the distance.

It was weeks before I could shake that image of leaving the big race for the last time.

Last time. It seemed so final. I think it took the crazy-stress of college applications to finally make that image lose focus. But now, a year later, the image is just as sharp as it was then.

I will go to the Regional meet again tomorrow, to watch my daughter’s former teammates compete, to talk with their parents, and hopefully to cheer them for finally making it to the state meet.

But more significantly, I want to be able to drive away from the meet with a different picture to replace the one from last year.



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2 responses to “Revisiting the last race

  1. Jim

    I went through that 20 years ago. Four times my son had made it to the State wrestling meet and this was the last time he would be on the podium. The pride was enormous.
    The next year I went to a lot of his former team’s meets because, for so long, that was a way of life.
    Lucky for me, I am an official so I get to see lots of wrestling up close so it only lasted for a year.
    Part of every single match is raising the winners arm in victory. I never do that without thinking of the parents in the stands, winner and loser, and how proud they are of their child. It is a VERY short four years. I hoe all parents enjoy the ride.

  2. Brian

    hmm … maybe I should become a cross country official!

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