I am the only person on earth without a smartphone

I thought it would be clever to write that. Then I googled and saw that it’s been done by at least a couple hundred other people.

Either they’re faux-whining about not being on the latest technology … or slamming people for being addicted to their smartphones … or talking about just how unnecessary it all is.

I could cover all of that.

What made me particularly aware of this was traveling last week. While sitting at the airport, on the plane, and at work functions I realized that I was in fact just about the only person who was not using a smartphone. And not constantly using a smartphone. I felt self-conscious using my dumbphone.

I don’t have anything against them. If someone gave me one, I’d use it. I like technology. I’d try not to be compulsive about it, but I’d use it.

But more than anything I’m cheap. They haven’t given me one for work, and I just can’t justify spending the money out of my own pocket.

Because for cost of the phone and plan I could buy something really useful. Like, oh, a couple cases of wine or new set of wheels. Or entry fees for a year, or …



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3 responses to “I am the only person on earth without a smartphone

  1. I really like being able to check email, view weather radar, check Twitter. Those are mostly distractions, but also incredibly useful. They also double as navigation devices, Digi-cams, rolodex, photo viewer and many other things. I kind-of feel like we’re in that “zone” – not too old to “get it” but not so young as to be utterly addicted to the damn things. I use mine a lot, but when I’m face-to-face with people, I’m with them – no not my phone.

    You can be cheap and still get one. Carriers offer many smart-phones at no charge with a 2-year plan. It won’t be the latest iGadget, but many Android-based phones at that “free” level are extremely capable. And right now, the prior iterations of iPhones can be had for $50 (or less).

    Where they get you is the monthly fee. It is tough to find any decent plan for less than $50/month. Which is not terrible, but when you do the math … $600/year is a lot. But it’s like anything else: Do you feel that you’re getting your money’s worth?

    Put it in wine terms: You don’t need to spend money on wine. But you do. Why? If you cut 3 or 4 bottles per month out of your budget, you can pay for your monthly smart-phone. And use it to post on Twitter about how much you miss drinking those bottles of wine ;-).

    If you’re thinking about it at all, check out http://www.virginmobileusa.com Really good prices for their plans and many Android smart-phones you can select.

    Happy smart-phoning 🙂

    • Brian

      this reminds me of the comment I made last time I was in a cell phone store: it feels like being in a car dealership and talking to the used car salesman: icky.

      I also remember commenting how they’ve got the system set up like car buying. Ask people “how much do you want to spend per month?” Bring them in with a cheap price on a crap phone and limited plan, then upsell them on all the other stuff.

      If people had to pay up front the $600 – $1200 that it costs them for a year, I think you’d see a lot fewer cell phone sales.

  2. Jim

    My kids got an iPhone for me. Never really needed it so it was easy not to care. However, as Tris says, it is really helpful to look for/at stuff in a hurry. I like the weather related apps and there are a ton of others that are helpful. I check the email but rarely answer using the phone. I am not that competent as a typist. Lastly, I refused to become attached to it the way kids do. Like Tris said, when I am with other people, the phone is put away. I do not have an over-powering desire to check it all the time.
    Just my $.02.

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