Not all car drivers are jerks

This time of year (winter) I make mental notes on “must avoid” roads. They’re usually in crappy condition in the first place, then get even worst after a few freeze-thaw cycles.

One of those mental notes read “Riverview Rd, north of Rt 82 in Brecksville”.

Only I didn’t follow my own advice. In less than a mile I had a rear flat and a derailleur cable that somehow pulled loose. The flat was fixable but I was faced with riding home 30 miles stuck in the 11-cog. With a climb up the Gorge Parkway in Bedford (painful in the 11).

That was before a Good Samaritan stopped, asked if I needed any help, then drove home and came back with an allen wrench so I could reattach the der cable.

Thanks, man. I will pay that one forward.

(PS. really, stay off Riverview Rd. north of Rt 82 in B’ville.)



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2 responses to “Not all car drivers are jerks

  1. Jim

    You rode there from home??
    You are more a man than I!

  2. Brian

    from your house that ride would be a feat. from mine? not so much.

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