Today I rode naked

Naked, as in “no data”. I forgot my bike computer, so for the first time in a long time I rode with no data. No time, speed, power, distance. At first it’s a bit irritating — like the ride isn’t “official” if you’re not recording it. But after a while you’re just riding and not number-chasing.

I used to ride that way most of the off-season. Mainly it was because I was too lazy to mount the speed sensor on the crappy winter bike. I’d have an idea of how long I wanted to ride, picked an approximate route, then would occasionally check my phone for the time. The rest was on feel.

I came to like riding without the numbers staring at me. Having the data is nice for tracking your training, but at the same time it tends to become intrusive. I mean, part of the reason we spend so much time on the bike is because it’s enjoyable being outside.

A power meter makes it even worse. In the interest of making use of the expensive training gadget you have a tendency to make it be “all about the watts”.

It’s like we’re not allowed to admit that it’s just fun to go out and ride (naked).

I may have to start taping over the computer display. At least once in a while.



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5 responses to “Today I rode naked

  1. Anonymous

    This is why I never bothered putting anything on the commuter bike. The Roadie has all the stuff but the commuter just has a bell, 3 headlights, a rear rack and a taillight. I really do just “tool around” on it, and it’s great.

  2. Jim

    But, you aren’t counting the “ride” are you?
    It is kind of like “riding” a trainer. You aren’t “riding”, you are exercising so it doesn’t count, right?’

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