The kids are all right

Here is a video with one of the neighborhood kids (Victor) riding the track.

At that age I’d play “ball sports” with older kids, but I don’t think I would have had the balls to get on a bike and ride around a track at 20mph with a couple of adult racers.

A little narrative:
We get on the track and do a couple laps. Notice that he’s wearing real bike shoes and using clipless pedals.

Then I go by and keep going. A few leps later, Brett gets on, and when we come by Brett tells Victor to get on the back.

“5 laps!”, Brett yells. Then “stay on the wheel!”

You can see Brett hold out his hand, counting down each lap.

And then finally Victor comes through, takes his turn at the front, then pulls off high. Brett makes sure to tell him “keep pedaling!”

Pretty impressive.

Then Victor showed me how to ride up the track from the apron to the start rail, hold on to the rail then let go and start. I’d never done that before.


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