Cleveland, you’ve got to be tough

Cleveland tends to be known for some rather unfortunate things: burning river, The Drive, LeBron jilting, things like that. But we take those things in stride. If you live in Cleveland, you’ve got to have a thick skin.

Last week I made a trip down south, in part to do a clinic at the velodrome in Rock Hill, SC. I mentioned that I had driven down from Cleveland, and that we had a track that opened in August. Someone said, “oh yeah, I saw that video where the guy came off the track before the apron was built. That was awesome!”.

After the clinic they had scheduled racing. I was talking with someone, and they asked where I was from. I said Cleveland.

He said, “Shaun Wallace sent me a video of the guy coming off the track when it was being built. That was hilarious”

I didn’t ask, but I assumed he meant Shaun Wallace, the former Olympic track racer from Great Britain.

So even former Olympians have seen the “less than graceful exit”.



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2 responses to “Cleveland, you’ve got to be tough

  1. Jim

    On a somewhat related note, in 1985 I lined up for a criterium with Shaun Wallace just three weeks after he set a world record in the flying kilo. He kicked my ass! It would have been much less embarrassing to just drop my pants in the infield.

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