You don’t really need an excuse to ride in Spain

I wasn’t much of a traveler until 1997, when my wife gave me a Christmas gift of 2 weeks riding and racing in Italy at the Velo Veneto camp. Before that trip, travel seemed like more hassle than pleasure. I even remember thinking at first that I didn’t really want to go, but it was a gift, so I should go.

I now count that trip as one of the handful of life-changing experiences I’ve had.

I distinctly remember the feeling of getting on a bike that first day, and thinking, “holy shit, I am riding in Italy.” Since then I’ve had the good fortune to travel and ride in a number of different countries in Europe, including an 8-month stretch of living and working in Germany. And always loving it.

So when my daughter said she wanted to do a semester abroad, in Spain, my response was, “that will be a great experience”. My internal response was, “I will have a great excuse to go over and ride!”

Which I just did. 9 days of riding, visiting, eating, drinking on the Costa Brava in Spain. I’ve now been spoiled by the scenery, climbing, food, coffee. I can’t think of a better “spring training camp”.

Over the next week I’m going to indulge in a few more posts to share some things from the trip, if only to divert my attention from the cold, rain, and snow I’ve come back to.



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4 responses to “You don’t really need an excuse to ride in Spain

  1. I’ve been wondering why you haven’t posted in so long, imagining that you’d had an accident and were in traction, too injured to post. Happy to see that’s not the case! Looking forward to seeing more snaps of your Spanish adventure. BTW, here on the Italian coast near Monaco, evey Sunday the roads are clogged with cyclists. Maybe you should check out this region next time you want to get out of town

  2. Brian

    I would love to ride in that area. Coincidentally, I just finished watching the Milan-San Remo race whose finish looks to be not too far. It’s the first big pro race of the season. Dreadful weather! (including snow)

    I love to write, but I need to have the time and then the right frame of mind. The last few months I’ve been spending too much time on other things (like studying different quant strategies which Big Daddy would appreciate, I’m sure)

  3. Jim

    “like studying different quant strategies”???
    Who are you trying to fool??
    We ALL know you better than that.
    You have been on your bike regardless of the weather.
    Let’s be truthful here!!

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