From 60 to 0

My most difficult physical act right now is the initial morning trip from the bed to the bathroom to the living room. I think it’s the combination of still being tired from a restless sleep, plus having been on my back for 6 or 7 hours, plus the normal morning low blood sugar. By the time I get to the chair in the living room, I need to sit down and rest.

Aside from the few physical therapy exercises I’m able to do at the moment, the majority of my physical activity consists of getting up and moving around the house with a walker (soon to be crutches). While I’m not “crazy to ride” at this point, I am feeling the effects of exercise withdrawal.

It’s not so much that I miss the bike right now, it’s that I miss doing something.

I got my first grown-up road bike in 1986 and have been riding continuously ever since. I can count on my fingers the number of days in the last 12 months that I didn’t ride. And on those days I did something else like run or hike. So it feels very strange going from doing vigorous physical activity almost every day to almost nothing, overnight. The body doesn’t like this development, nor does the psyche.

Fidgeting has been one way of coping with this I think. In the hospital they were getting annoyed with be because I couldn’t hold still long enough for them to get a blood pressure reading. I guess it’s the body’s way of staying in motion despite being mostly stationary.

I’m hoping this will get better as I’m able to use crutches more often, and more confidently. I’m already devising a path that will get me, unassisted, outside to the patio for coffee, and I’ve got visions of making it down the driveway and taking a “walk” down the street.

Anyone who’s spent some significant time on crutches: I’d be interested in hearing any tips for making it easier, and more importantly helping to make sure I stay upright on them.



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2 responses to “From 60 to 0

  1. Dave Vasko


    First trick is to take the arm pads off and throw them as far as you can. If you every need them 60 grit sand paper will do as well.

    You will pick it up quick. I broke my foot on the eve of a European vacation. Was pretty slow the first couple days but the family was begging me to slow down by the end of week.


    • Brian

      I remember when that (the broken foot) happened. Amazing that you were able to still do the vacation.

      Did you go up and down stairs with them too? Up and down ramps/inclines?

      I took a short walk out the front door a little while ago, and uneven surfaces / downhill had me a bit freaked out. Then again, I am super paranoid about falling right now (for obvious reasons)

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