What I want most right now

While the Big Picture is what’s most important, but I’m finding it’s the smaller, immediate things that are most annoying and frustrating:

  • At the top of the list is getting more than an hour or two of restful sleep. At this point it is just impossible to get into a comfortable position to make that possible.
  • I want my hair cut — short, and soon. I can’t go to my usual place because he’s got stairs I’d have to navigate. Not ready for that yet. BTW, the guy who has been cutting my hair for 25 years grew up with TdF winner Charly Gaul, so he understands my pain.
  • I want to bend my right knee more than a few degrees. I am getting tired of the leg sticking straight out all the time. It’s really annoying
  • A shower with a real hair wash (see also getting my hair cut). Hopefully they take out my staples next Tuesday and this can happen (although it will be while sitting in a shower chair).
  • Being able to get up and get coffee, food, etc. without it being a major ordeal and without relying on someone to do it for me.

But when I look over this list of daily frustrations, I recognize that I have a new-found appreciation and empathy for people who have to deal with these things all the time, and for the rest of their lives. I think about the people who lost limbs or parts of them at the Boston Marathon, and military personnel everywhere coming back from duty with permanent injuries. It can always be worse.



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2 responses to “What I want most right now

  1. Jim

    I had the same problem, getting sleep, when I had to deal with kidney stones. It simply wasn’t possible to find a comfortable position.
    BTW, if your leg sticks out for more than four hours, consult your physician.

    • Brian

      The sleeping has gotten a little better. I am now able to roll myself on my (uninjured) side, pillow between my knees, and stay there for an hour or two. As for the leg sticking out … my prescriptions didn’t include any little blue pills, so I’m not really concerned.

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