Today is that day

I knew it was going to happen at some point. Beautiful weather on a weekend day, and I would be sitting and looking out the window, thinking about the race that I was not racing.

Today is that day.

It will be the first Memorial Day weekend since 1995 or so that I will not be doing a race. When I stop and consider this, I’m again struck with how racing can take over your life. For many years now, the decision wasn’t about “what should we do for Memorial Day weekend?” but rather “what race am I doing?” It wasn’t always an entire weekend of racing, but there was always at least one race.

Right now I’m looking at the clock and thinking it’s 90 minutes into the Tour de Frankenmuth, where my teammates are racing. I’m remembering the course and where they should be at this point, and imagining how they might be racing it.

I’m coming to realize that what I like as much as the racing itself is the post-race feeling I get from “having raced”. The tiredness that comes from having ridden hard and then the enjoyment of eating as much as I want afterward. I think Gwenn might say those are the endorphins talking.

This year I would have been doing the Killington Stage Race — a race I won last year and that I was looking forward to doing again. There is perhaps a small consolation prize: out of curiosity I checked the Killington weather forecast. Maybe the only thing good you can say about this is that it will make for an “epic race”:



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