Utilitarian eating

Over the weekend I taught my son how to make homemade pizza (starting with the dough). Pizza + wine is probably my favorite Saturday night meal.

Under normal circumstances, eating this on a Saturday means that it comes after a big day of racing or training. So it tastes especially good, and I can eat as much of it as I want.

This time there had been no riding earlier in the day. The pizza was still good, but it didn’t give me that same sense of — not sure of the exact word to use — “reward”, perhaps?

Back in March I wrote about riding to eat, after 9 days of good riding and even better food.

I’ve noticed that I’m looking at food differently these days. I just don’t feel like eating that much (good, maybe I won’t get fat while sitting on my ass for 12 weeks). I’m not constantly thinking about what the day’s “reward meal” will be. And I’m thinking more about what I can eat that will help with my recovery.

There is however one thing that I still have something of a craving for: biscotti or cookies with morning coffee. Right now that is the absolute best part of my day.


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