Getting here from there

I figure at some point I have to again write about something other than having a broken leg.

WordPress, which is what is used for this blog, has a “dashboard” feature that shows things such as how many page hits there have been each day, what are the posts with the most recent activity, and what were the top searches that brought someone here.

Those last two are consistently interesting.

The latest, most bizarre search that brought someone here is, “why don’t I die like normal people”. I thought that maybe it’s a song lyric or title, but it doesn’t appear to be. I can only imagine what that person was really looking for, but I’m guessing it wasn’t this site.

Under the recent Top Posts, a post on “How I Came to Love Cross Country” continually shows up, even though I wrote it way back in 2011. I wish I knew how people are managing to come to that page.

That post happened to catch my eye because my daughter sent me a text last Friday evening that said, “NCAA women’s 10k is on. Kayla is running”. Kayla was one of her roommates at school last year who blossomed into a runner (CC and track) good enough to be in the NCAA outdoor track finals for the 10,000 meter event.

I pulled up the live stream and watched, thinking how amazing it would be to be competing in an event like that, on Oregon’s track where so many great runners have trained and competed. I noticed my heart beating faster as the race developed, like it did when watching those cross country meets. So yeah, I guess that post is still apropos.


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