A small slice of normal

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Friday evening I was torturing myself, looking at Ernesto’s pics from the State Track Championship. I think that’s one sign that I’m getting better: pictures like that are giving me “the itch”.

Saturday I was determined to get out of the house and do something … normal.

Since coming home from the hospital on May 13, aside from sitting on the patio, I have been out of the house exactly 4 times. Once to the doctor, once for a haircut, and twice to the massotherapist. It sometimes feels like the world is spinning along at normal speed, and I am stuck in an alternate universe that goes in slow motion.

I wanted to go watch Saturday’s track races, but it seemed too much logistically. Get my hair cut again? They were super busy. Next, and best option: get my son to take me for pizza and beer at Biga, up in Kirtland.

I’d been there quite a few times, but never paid attention: were there steps to get inside and/or to the outdoor deck? No way can I navigate steps yet. I called to confirm. They have a ramp. I’ve come to appreciate, first hand, what businesses now do for “accessibility”.

Driving there was an interesting sensation after being stuck at home. Everything so familiar, but at the same time so stimulating to see something other than my immediate surroundings. It didn’t even matter where we were going. It was enough to just be out and going somewhere different.

The bonus was getting great pizza.


Postscript: checking the mail when we got home, I get to park in the close-up spaces from now til December.

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