If I can’t win any races …


… at least I can have an exceptional injury.

Above is the most recent x-ray (as of today) of my repaired femur, complete with stainless steel plate and screws.

I got a brief look at the x-rays a month ago, but didn’t take a picture that I could save and look at. The screws are a lot longer than I remember. There have been times when I swear I can feel the plate and the screws but am not sure if that’s just my imagination getting the better of me. Now I have a real visual.

Early on I didn’t care to see pictures. I knew it was bad, and I didn’t want to be further haunted by the image of how bad. But once things started to heal and progress, I wanted to know.

I asked the doctor to show me where the break was. “Breaks”, he said. He pointed out the multiple places where it had broken. That piece below the hip that’s near the pelvis? That is a piece that’s broken off. He said he tried to pull it in with a screw but gave up because it was “a bunch of mush in there”. I’m glad I didn’t hear that 7 weeks ago.

The good news is that there is evidence of bone growth, and things are generally progressing as expected.

Which unfortunately means still another 4-5 weeks before I can start putting any weight on it. But maybe the next time I post one of these pics I will be doing it with both feet on the floor.



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2 responses to “If I can’t win any races …

  1. Jim

    OUCH!!! That hurts me and I am just looking at it.
    Note to self: Do NOT crash like Brian did!!

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