No fun, just hot

Right now is one of my two favorite times of the year to ride.

The other is in fall, after the racing season has ended, and it feels good to Just Ride Around.

I like right now because all the cold, wet training days are over, and it’s just racing. And also because there is something special about being able to ride until 9pm. In some ways it’s like that feeling I had as a kid, at this same time of year. We could stay outside and play (pick-up baseball usually), until dark, coming home all sweaty and bug-bitten. Sometimes I think we ride our bikes because we still want that kind of experience.

Which always reminds me of the song shown up above.

The last two few weeks I’ve found myself looking out the window between 8 and 9pm and feeling a bit bummed that I’m missing it. And then wondering whether I’ll miss the entire fall also.

Then I start thinking about how it turns to the cold training rides. I have no idea how I’m going to approach those rides this time around. They’re generally not enjoyable, but they beat riding the trainer.

But this time, depending on how all of this goes, those cold rides might end up being my first taste of freedom.

PS to Ray H: That vinyl is for you.



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3 responses to “No fun, just hot

  1. rjrussell59

    Hi Brian! Was riding up 170 towards East Palestine tonight and you came to mind. Checked in here to see how you are doing. Sounds like slow but sure progress. Good to hear. Yes, the sweet bite of Winter might just be welcomed this year for you. Hang in there – head up – forward ho!

    ray russell
    Sette Nove

    • Brian

      Hi Ray … thanks. yeah, it’s been slow but at least it’s progress. Hope to maybe make it out to one of the Tour of the Valley stages next week.

      • Ray Russell

        We’ll look for you There! I’ll be easy to spot – the old guy with his tongue in the spokes 🙂


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