My own personal time trial

I had my eye on July 12 for several weeks: the Tour of the Valley time trial at Mastropietro Winery.

Not to race it of course, but to finally make a little field trip and be out among people again. I was increasingly feeling like I needed to do that.

So I had it in my head that July 12 was going to be the day. It then the turned out that nobody would be home to take me. I resigned myself to not being able to go. Until that morning, when I pictured the scene at the winery, with everyone getting ready to suffer in the TT, then hanging around afterward, eating and drinking. It’s a great setting for a race.

So I sent out a few emails to see if anyone nearby might be willing and able to give me a ride. It was not looking good initially.

My heroes for the day were Mark Gori (Spin Bike Shop) and his girlfriend Eleanor. Many thanks to both of them for being willing to get me safely to and from the race. I think it’s rare that a couple of high school seniors would be willing to inconvenience themselves to help out an old guy. Chapeau.

I have to say, I wasn’t fully prepared for how difficult it was going to be to negotiate the winery for roughly 5 hours. I didn’t consider that I’d need to do things like use the public restroom while on crutches for the first time. Today I feel like I did my own version of a time trial — only I’m sore in different places.

It felt amazingly good to see bike-racing people again — one more little piece of normalcy restored.



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5 responses to “My own personal time trial

  1. Jim

    Apparently you forgot to ask me!
    My feelings are hurt.
    Okay, I am over it!

  2. Brian

    Figured you were tending to the out-of-town team, and I certainly wasn’t on your way. Then looked for you at the race but never saw you.

  3. Ray Russell

    Brian, sorry I missed you at the TT on Friday. For the first time, I skipped the omnium this year and did just the road race. Sounds like you enjoyed the day out.

    I had wanted to recommend a quick read if you get a chance. ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’ by Jean-Dominique Bauby. I think you might find a bit of kinsmanship there. It’s an easy day’s read so not like a two month slog through War and Peace 🙂 I have a copy at the house if you can’t find it locally.


    • Brian

      Seems like a number of people opted for the road race only this year. (not that it seemed to make it any easier).

      Thanks for the recommendation. I have actually seen the movie (which was good). I’ll bet the book is still a good read, even after having seen the movie. I will add that to my list.

      • Ray Russell

        Haven’t seen the movie as I was afraid they might embellish the story a bit. The book is short as his method of writing was difficult. He had to chose his words carefully and reduce the content to only the essentials. A good read – I use it as a reminder of how well off I am on those days when I want to wallow around in self-pity 🙂


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