Ten years after

If you were following bike racing 10 years ago, you undoubtedly have a lasting image of the dramatic Joseba Beloki crash on the melted-tar descent, with Lance Armstrong going off-road to avoid him.

Today the Tour de France finished in Gap — the same destination as that day in 2003. I still remember the pictures of Beloki laying at the side of the road, his face showing the agony.

What I hadn’t remembered was that he broke his femur in two places. It looked like a bad crash (well, most crashes look do look bad). But I now have a real appreciation for the suffering that is evident in those pictures. I know that look.

I also know that he did recover, and came back to race again, although he wasn’t ever quite the same.

Wonder if he’s available for rehab consultation. He would surely understand.




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3 responses to “Ten years after

  1. That was 10 years ago?! Jeez I’m old. Where does the time go?
    Didn’t he also break his elbow in that crash? Man! That was nasty.

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