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Yesterday I came across this picture, taken 2 weeks before my wreck at the velodrome. When I look at it now, I get the strangest feeling — like I’m looking at a different person, with a different life. That person is doing something I can’t, something that seems so far off at the moment.

Three months is not really all that long, but it seems like another lifetime.

I’ve been wondering what it was going to feel like to go back to the velodrome for the first time. Would it bring back traumatic memories? It’s been hard to picture myself riding on the track again. Would this make it worse?

We drove out there Friday night, in part to watch the racing, in part just to see people, and in part to bring my bike back home, finally. All good things.

Surprisingly, seeing people riding and racing on the track actually made it easier to imagine riding on it again. Maybe it was seeing that people do in fact ride there and not wreck. Of course I knew that already, having done it many times myself, but that’s not the last — and lasting — image that I had.

I’m thinking that is part of the whole process here — updating images.

I did have one small flashback. One of the riders inexplicably crashed at the end of a 3-lap time trial. He seemed OK, but a short time later a paramedic squad and ambulance showed up. I have to say, it felt a bit surreal to be standing there, on crutches, moving out of the way for the guys to take a stretcher down to the infield.

Fortunately the stretcher came back up without a person on it. Another image updated.


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